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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement


Today’s force guarantees The Army’s near-term warfighting readiness to fight and win our Nation’s wars, decisively. Because The Army bypassed a procurement generation, The Army’s Combat Support and Combat Service Support systems now exceed their 20-year expected life cycle, and 75% of our critical combat systems exceed their expected half-life cycle. To maintain operational readiness while preserving resources for Transformation, The Army is recapitalizing and selectively modernizing a portion of the current force. The modernization program addresses the critical issue of AC and RC interoperability and serves as a bridge to mesh these two components seamlessly. In general, The Army increased funding for programs that are clearly transformational and support the Defense transformation goals, sustained funding for high priority systems that will transition to the Objective Force, and reduced funding for systems not essential to Army Transformation. The Army remains committed to its 17-system recapitalization program, but we have reduced the prioritized recapitalization program from three-and-one-third divisions to two divisions.

Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) are an indispensable part of The Army and will continue to provide unique capabilities to the Joint Force and Land Component Commanders. In response to the increasing requirement for Special Operations Forces in support of joint campaign plans, The Army has validated and resourced growth in its SOF structure. The recent initiatives will transfer 1,788 manpower spaces to Major Force Program-11 beginning in FY03. Since the commencement of ARSOF operations in support of the GWOT, the U.S. Army has provided over $1.4B in new equipment to enhance Special Operations Forces firepower, communications, and ground and air mobility.

The Army will remain the largest user of space-based capabilities among the Services. Army space assets are providing tangible support to the war on terrorism and Operation ENDURING FREEDOM – they ensure Army and Joint Force Commanders optimize communications, satellite intelligence, Global Positioning System, imagery, weather, missile warning, and other space-based capabilities in every aspect of planning and operations. We are working diligently with the joint and interagency space community to ensure that Army and joint space systems continue to provide their essential capabilities now and for the Objective Force.


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