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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement

Business Initiatives Council

In June 2001, the Secretary of Defense established the Department of Defense Business Initiatives Council (DoD BIC). The DoD BIC’s goal is to improve business operations and processes by identifying and implementing initiatives that expand capabilities, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and create resource savings in time, money, or manpower.

The Army has aggressively explored ways to improve its internal business practices, and has established The Army BIC (ABIC), under the leadership of the Secretary and the G-8. Effective November 13, 2002, the Secretary of the Army has approved a total of 35 initiatives under the ABIC. Subsequently, The Army submitted a number of the initiatives through the formal DoD BIC process for implementation across the Services and other DoD activities. The BIC process has helped to create a culture of innovation and inter-service cooperation. The superb level of cooperation across the military departments, the Joint Staff and OSD has made this possible.


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