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Advanced Medical Technology
U.S. Army 947th Forward Surgical Team, Bagram AFB, Afghanistan
U.S. Army 947th Forward Surgical Team,
Bagram AFB, Afghanistan

Congress designated The Army as the lead agent for DoD vaccine, drug, and development programs for medical countermeasures to battlefield threats. This includes vaccines against naturally occurring infectious diseases of military significance, combat casualty care, military operational medicine, and telemedicine research. The program also funds Food and Drug Administration requirements for technology transition to advanced development.

The medical force provides the requisite medical intervention and care for the Joint Force deployed around the globe. With its Medical Reengineering Initiative (MRI), The Army Medical Department has transformed 28% of its Corps, and echelon above Corps, force structure to an organizational structure that promotes scalability through easily tailored, capabilities-based packages. These packages result in improved tactical mobility, reduced footprint, and increased modularity for flexible task organization. MRI supports both the current forces and the Stryker Brigades, and is the bridge to the Objective Medical Force. We have implemented innovative strategies make the most efficient use of our budget. Medical modernization, which includes the acquisition of current medical equipment and technology, is partially funded within MRI units.


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