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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement
National Maintenance Program, Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin
National Maintenance Program,
Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

The Army is revolutionizing its logistics process. One initiative, the Single Stock Fund (SSF), redirected more than $540M worth of secondary items from stocks to satisfy customer demands between May 2000 – SSF inception – and November 2002. During that same period, we redistributed more than $218M worth of secondary items from the authorized stockage levels to meet higher priority readiness requirements. By extending national visibility of stockage locations and capitalizing inventories into the Army Working Capital Fund, we reduced customer wait time by an average of 18.5%. The SSF will continue to reduce inventory requirements and generate even more savings for The Army by creating greater flexibility for the management of inventories.

Another initiative, the National Maintenance Program (NMP), enhances weapon system readiness, reliability, and availability rates by bringing Army Class IX repair parts to a single national standard. Ultimately, increased reliability will reduce overall weapon system Operating and Support cost. Additionally, the NMP centralizes the management and control of Army maintenance activities for components and end items. NMP will produce appropriately sized Army maintenance capacity that still meets total maintenance requirements.


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