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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement

The National Defense Authorization Act for FY99 requires the Secretary of Defense to implement a comprehensive readiness reporting system that objectively measures readiness to support the NSS. The Army’s Strategic Readiness System (SRS) responds to and provides a baseline in achieving this critical initiative.

SRS is a precision readiness measurement tool that provides Army leadership with accurate, objective, predictive, and actionable readiness information to dramatically enhance resource management toward one end – strategic readiness to defend the United States. The Army Scorecard – a product of SRS – will integrate readiness data from the business arena and the operating, generating, and sustaining forces of both the Active and Reserve Component. Army Scorecard methodology focuses on four critical areas: People – investing in Soldiers and their families; Readiness – maintaining the support capability to the Combatant Commanders’ operational requirements; Transformation – transforming The Army into the Objective Force; and application of sound business practices.

SRS markedly improves how we measure readiness. It gathers timely information with precision and expands the scope of the data considered. We are further developing this system to leverage leading indicators and predict trends – solving problems that affect readiness before they become problems, from well-being to weapons platforms. SRS will help enable The Army preserve readiness to support Combatant Commanders, invest in Soldiers and their families, identify and adopt sound business practices, and transform The Army to the Objective Force.


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