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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement

In accordance with Congressional directives, The Army developed a new methodology to prepare budget requests that accurately reflect Operations and Maintenance requirements. In the report submitted in July 2002, The Army outlined updated processes that ensure consistency in reporting of tank miles and reflect requirements and execution with more precision. Management controls initiated in FY01 to prevent migration of OPTEMPO funds to other areas were highly successful and remain in effect.
M1 Abrams Tanks, Udari Range, Kuwait
M1 Abrams Tanks, Udari Range, Kuwait

The Army’s combined arms training strategy determines the resourcing requirements to maintain the combat readiness of our forces. For the Active Component, The Army requires 800 ground OPTEMPO miles per year for the M1 Abrams tank and corresponding training support; the Active Component flying hour program requires an average of 14.5 live flying hours per aircrew each month. Both Army National Guard and the Army Reserve aircrew training strategies require 9.0 hours per crew each month. The ARNG ground OPTEMPO requirement is a composite average of 174 miles in FY04, and the USAR ground OPTEMPO requirement is 200 tank-equivalent miles in FY04.

While this describes The Army’s training strategy, actual execution levels from unit to unit have varied depending upon factors such as on-going operations, safety of flight messages, and adequate manning of combat formations. To this end, The Army has fully funded its AC ground OPTEMPO requirement, while its AC flying program is funded to its historical execution level of 13.1 flying hours. The RC air and ground OPTEMPO are similarly funded to their execution levels, rather than their requirement. Although The Army has not always been able to execute the training strategy, we have taken steps to have all units execute the prescribed training strategy in FY03, FY04, and beyond.


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