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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement
Recruiting and Retaining the Force

In 1999, The Army missed its recruiting goals for the Active Component (AC) by about 6,300 inductees, and for the Reserve Component by some 10,000. Our recruiting situation was simply unacceptable, and we committed ourselves to decisive steps and reversed that trend.
Re-enlistment, Kandahar, Afghanistan
Kandahar, Afghanistan

In FY02, The Active Component achieved 100% of its goal in recruiting and retention – for the third consecutive year. The Army exceeded its AC 79,500 enlisted accession target in FY02 and exceeded our aggregate FY02 retention objective of 56,800 Soldiers in all three categories by 1,437. We are poised to make the FY03 accession target of 73,800, and we expect to meet our Active Component FY03 retention target of 57,000. The FY04 accession target is set at 71,500 (Addendum B).

The Army Reserve has met mission for the last two years, and its recruiting force is well structured to meet FY04 challenges. The Army Reserve continues to maintain a strong Selected Reserve strength posture at 205,484 as of 17 January 2003 – over 100.2% of the FY03 End Strength Objective. Overcoming many recruiting and retention challenges in FY02, the Army National Guard (ARNG) exceeded endstrength mission, accessions were 104.5% of goal, and we exceeded reenlistment objectives.

To ensure that we continue to recruit and retain sufficient numbers, we are monitoring the current environment – GWOT and frequent deployments – to determine impact on morale, unit cohesiveness, combat effectiveness, and support of Well-Being programs that draw quality people to The Army. We continue to examine innovative recruiting and retention initiatives. The challenges we face in FY03 and 04 are two-fold: increase recruiter productivity and recruiting resources necessary to maintain recruiting momentum when the economy becomes more robust. Resourcing recruiting pays dividends well beyond accessions in the year of execution. For example, Army advertising in FY02 influenced not only FY02 accessions, but also potential recruits who will be faced with enlistment decisions in FY03 and beyond. We attribute our success to a series of programs described in Addendum C.


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