At War & Transforming
Strategic Environment
The Army, Serving Today
Realizing the Army Vision
A Commitment to the Future
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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement

      The Army - At War and Transforming
            The Strategic Environment
            The Army - Serving Today, Balancing Risk, Managing Transformation
      Realizing The Army Vision - People, Readiness and Transformation
            People - Our Most Valuable Resource
                   Manning the Force
                         Recruiting and Retaining the Force
                         Reserve Component Full-Time Support (FTS)
                         Civilian Component
                   Army Well-Being
                   Leader Development -- Training Soldiers and Civilians - Growing Leaders
             Readiness- Winning Our Nation's Wars
                   Homeland Security (HLS)
                         Missile Defense
                         Chemical Demilitarization
                    Training the Force
                    Force Protection and Antiterrorism
                    Strategic Readiness Reporting
                         Transformation of Installation Management
             Transformation - Changing the Way We Fight
                    Balancing Risk as We Manage Change
                    An Information Enabled Army
                    Operational Army
                          The Objective Force
                                 Science and Technology - Moving Toward the Transformed Army
                                 Enabling the Objective Force Soldier
                                 Transformational Systems
                         Bridging the Capabilities Gap - Fielding Six Stryker Brigades
                         Preserving the Army's Legacy
                                 Aviation Transformation and Restructuring
                                 Army National Guard Restructuring Initiative (ARNGRI)
                                 Army Reserve Transformation Initiatives
                   Institutional Army
                         Transforming the Way We Do Business
                         Personnel Transformation
                         Third Wave
                         Acquisition Transformation
                         Logistics Transformation
                         Advanced Medical Technology
                         Business Initiatives Council
      A Commitment to the Future
             Addendum A
             Addendum B
             Addendum C
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The Army -  At War and Transforming