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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement


Successful Recruiting Initiatives

•    Short-Term Enlistment Option: The 2003 National Defense Authorization Act provides a short-term enlistment option for implementation in FY04.

•    Recruiting Incentives: Incentives, including the Enlistment Bonus Program, the Army College Fund Program, and the Loan Repayment Program, have successfully enabled The Army to execute precision recruiting in FY02. At a time when The Army is engaged in the GWOT, recruiting successes have directly supported combat readiness.

•    Corporal Recruiters: Starting in FY99, The Army placed 400 corporals on recruiting duty. This brought the total number of on-production recruiters to 6,161. This program has proven effective by using young leaders to recruit young soldiers.

•    “College First” test program: The Army will continue the “College First” test program in FY03. First year applicants receive a $250 per month allowance and second year applicants receive a $350 per month allowance while attending up to two years of post-secondary education prior to entering to active duty. There were 342 enlistments for this test through FY01, and 607 in FY02.

•    Army Motor Sports Program: The Army launched a partnership with the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and Schumacher Racing for a top fuel dragster called “The Sarge.” The Army’s partnership with the NHRA allows The Army to be the primary partner in the NHRA’s Youth Education Services (Y.E.S.) Program.

•    Special Forces Candidate (18X) “Off the Street” Enlistment Initiative: The Army will continue its highly successful 18X “Off the Street” Program in FY03. This effort seeks to enlist motivated, highly qualified, and dedicated individuals desiring the adventure and mission focus inherent in the U. S. Army Special Operations Forces. In FY 02, The Army exceeded its assigned mission of 400 applicants, enlisting 465 candidates. Capitalizing on the success of this program, the FY 03 mission will increase to 600.

•    The Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program provides America’s youth with an opportunity to serve their country while they prepare for their future. Soldiers learn technical skills required by industry along with work ethics, teamwork, communication, and leadership during an enlistment in the United States Army. After completing their active duty tour, the Soldier interviews and completes the application process with the company selected during the recruiting process. A database that matches the job needs of a company with all of the Initial Entry Training job skills offered by The Army enables the young person to choose a particular company and job skill. An agreement with a specific company that reflects the military skill, civilian job, and terms of service is prepared when the young person enlists.

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