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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement

A Commitment To The Future
Shahi Kot, Afghanistan, 2002 AUSA
Shahi Kot, Afghanistan,
© 2002 AUSA

With the continued strong support of the Administration, the Congress, our Soldiers, and our Department of the Army civilians, and the greatest industrial base and science and technology communities in the world, The Army will field the Objective Force – this decade.

By 2010, we will have fielded the first operationally capable Objective Force unit equipped with the Future Combat Systems. Our Stryker Brigade Combat Teams will be providing to Combatant Commanders capabilities not currently available – enhanced strategic responsiveness and the ability to operate in a distributed, non-linear battlespace. Through selective recapitalization and modernization of systems that enable our Soldiers to preserve our legacy today, we will have sustained a decisive-win capability at a high state of readiness as an integral part of the Joint Force. And we will have significantly improved the well-being of our people and sustainment of Army infrastructure.

We remain committed to our legacy – preserving America’s freedoms. In peace and in war, The Army's serve the Nation with unmatched courage, indomitable will, pride, and plain grit - as they have for over 227 years. Soldiers will continue to fight and win the Nation’s wars, decisively – it is our sacred duty and our non-negotiable contract with the American people.


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