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War Reserve Secondary Items (WRSI)

What is it?
The WRSI are secondary items needed for the wartime initial equipping and sustainment piece of the Army Prepositioned Stocks (APS) program. The WRSI supply classes are I (subsistence), II (clothing and textiles), III package (oil and lubricants), IV (construction and barrier material), VIII (medical supplies), and IX (repair parts and major assemblies).

The WRSI are critical to the "fightability" of APS and deployed ground forces. They are found throughout APS as:

  • Authorized Stockage List, shop stock and Unit Basic Loads for APS combat brigades, APS sustainment support brigades and other APS unit sets.
  • Operational Projects for special mission requirements over normal unit allowances (e.g., aerial delivery, mortuary affairs and Enemy Prisoner of War stocks).
  • Initial sustainment (up to 60 days) for deployed forces until sea lines of communication are established. These are intended to provide essential "swing stocks" and to minimize impact on strategic airlift in early stages of a contingency.

What has the Army done?
During Operation Iraqi Freedom /Operation Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF) the Army issued the WRSI stocks it had prepositioned both afloat and ashore. The Army learned many lessons during OIF on both what to stock and how to support WRSI requirements. In the past, WRSI requirements were determined by a model that OIF demand history suggests had some flaws. The Army has conducted a holistic review of WRSI sustainment to improve the determination of what and how much to buy. The new methodology uses actual OIF/OEF demand history as the basis for a more effective stockage of starter stocks to support a deployed force. Initial focus was to determine the critical APS-4 (Northeast Asia) WRSI sustainment stockpile, but the technique is being applied to other WRSI sustainment stockpiles as well.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
As the APS Strategy 2015 is implemented, the Army will continue to leverage the capabilities of Defense Logistics Agency and the United States Army Materiel Command in order to provide responsive secondary item support to combatant commanders. The Army has been filling shortages in all categories of WRSI. Congress made $1.058 Million available in FY08 supplemental funding to fill WRSI shortages. The Army anticipates that this and other requested funding will allow the Army to fill much of the essential WRSI by the end of FY09. The major remaining shortfalls will be for APS-5 (Southwest Asia) WRSI sustainment and for selected APS-5 unit sets to be activated by FY15.

Why is this important to the Army?
Units deploy with their basic load (their initial supply) for all classes of supply. Once in an area of operations, units begin to use that basic load and reorder replenishment stocks. There is usually a lag time to build up stocks to wartime levels and to move them into an area of operations to support the deployed force. The Army's WRSI stockpiles provide the linkage between unit basic loads and sustainment by providing the starter stocks to support the deployed force until resupply can be established from the continental United States. Fully funded and supported WRSI stockage is essential to the ability to ensure uninterrupted sustainment of a deployed force.

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