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Soldier as a System (SaaS)

What is it?
The Army's SaaS is the implementation of an institutionalized management process that focuses on providing trained and ready Soldiers able to outperform any opponent in the full spectrum of Army, Joint, and coalition force operations.

What has the Army done?
The Army established the SaaS management process to improve the current capability of all Soldiers, regardless of their military occupational specialties. The SaaS establishes a management process to support the development and fielding of individual Soldier capability requirements. The SaaS management process starts with four capability development requirements documents intended to identify gaps in Soldier capabilities.

The Core Soldier is the first of these requirements documents that describes the minimum acceptable capabilities that all Soldiers require to perform basic Soldier tasks and battle drills. The SaaS builds on those capabilities to meet the required capability needs of those Soldiers in the ground, air, and mounted roles. This, in turn, guides the development and acquisition of fully integrated Soldier material solutions that are worn, carried, or consumed by the individual Soldier. The end state provides superior capability to accomplish both individual and collective Soldier tasks and missions.

What continued efforts does Army have planned for the future?

Work continues to identify the requirements for Soldier equipping programs to support the establishment of Core, Ground, Air, and Mounted Soldier Systems within the Army Force Generation model deployment demands. Specifically, the Army's approach focuses equipping efforts on deployed unit and Soldier feedback, as well as emerging threats, to identify and validate Soldier capability gaps, and then provide a holistic enterprise strategy to fund, field, and maintain superior Soldier systems equipment capability against any opponent.

Why is this important to the Army?
The individual Soldier remains the Army's center of gravity. The SaaS management process provides a systematic, fully integrated approach to Soldier equipment modernization and will enable all Soldiers to perform all essential Soldier tasks and battle drills. The SaaS modular system architecture allows for individual Soldier mission tailoring that will increase Soldier lethality, survivability, mobility, sustainability, and situational awareness; while reducing Soldier load and decreasing Soldier power requirements. Most importantly, through the SaaS management process, the dismounted Soldier is being integrated into the tactical internet as a part of the Army's Air Soldier, Ground Soldier and Mounted Soldier Programs of Record.

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