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Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) Program and Warrior in Transition Units (WTUs)

What is it?
The SFAC provides tailored integrated support services in a centralized, one-stop location to provide support to wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers and their Families at installations with WTUs. Centers provide a safe haven where Warriors in Transition (WTs), wounded Department of Defense Civilians, and their Families can gather for mutual support and comradeship to aid physical, spiritual, and mental healing.

What has the Army done?
The Secretary of the Army directed the Installation Management Command to establish an SFAC at installations housing WTUs to provide Soldiers and Families a full spectrum of services ranging from financial, educational, training, childcare, religious support, and employment to enable a smooth transition back to duty or into civilian life.

What continued efforts does Army have planned for the future?

Installations will complete SFAC facility renovations and new construction for FY09. The SFAC guidance will be included in the next updates to Army Community Service (ACS) regulation, accreditation standards, and Common Levels of Support standards. The mission to codify the SFAC staffing structure is under review.

Why is this important to the Army?
Dedicated services assure that well equipped and trained Warriors in transition and their Families are able to transition back to duty or to a new life in the private sector. Families who know how to utilize SFAC services are more confident and better able to manage the stresses of recovery and healing. Soldiers who are confident that their Families are taken care of are more focused on the mission at hand and will either remain in the Army or be a great asset to the civilian community.

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