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Safety Center Online Tools and Initiatives

What is it?
The U.S. Army Combat Readiness and Safety Center (USACRC) has tools available online that reinforce the principles of composite risk management (CRM) which assists leaders in successfully and safely completing their mission while mitigating risk.

What has the Army done?
The Army has developed several tools to provide leaders with information on risk mitigation. These tools and initiatives can be found at The website tools include the following:

  • Ground Risk Assessment Tool. A mission planning tool developed to augment the military decision-making process. Consisting of five integral parts, it assists users in identifying potential hazards and controls for specified missions or activities, both on and off duty. With user input, it produces an automated CRM worksheet (Department of the Army Form 7566) that can be printed, saved, updated, and emailed.
  • Range & Weapons Safety Toolbox. Developed to aid commanders and leaders in the management of range operations and safe weapon handling, the toolbox provides a centralized collection of resources to establish and maintain an effective range safety training program.
  • Driver's Training Toolbox. Assists commanders, examiners, and instructors in the management of driver training. The toolbox provides a central location for the material necessary to set up and maintain an effective driver training program.
  • Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPS). An automated trip planning tool that incorporates the principles of CRM and facilitates a dialogue between supervisor and subordinate prior to privately owned vehicle (POV) travel. Those who completed TRiPS were six times less likely to be involved in an accident.
  • The POV Toolbox. A web-based program includes the Chief of Staff of the Army's six-point program, a POV inspection checklist, tools for trip planning and accident trend analysis, an accident review guide, and leader guides and options available to commanders in dealing with unsafe drivers.
  • Motorcycle Mentorship Program (MMP). The function of the MMP is to assist in establishing voluntary installation-level motorcycle clubs where less experienced riders and seasoned riders can create an environment supportive of responsible motorcycle riding and enjoyment.
  • Peer to Peer video competition was launched by the USACRC to harness the power of peer influence and social media to deliver important safety messages to our Soldiers from our Soldiers. We know that battle buddies are our first line of defense in the fight to prevent accidents. Our winners used humor with a serious twist to present candid looks at some of the Army's most serious safety issues. We are currently forging a solid partnership with MWR/BOSS programs to expand and extend this competition.
  • Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) Safety Factor. Designed for peer on peer engagement at BOSS council meetings to build awareness of hazards affecting single Soldiers during off-duty activities. The BOSS Safety Factor identifies high-risk behaviors and emphasizes making better decisions to help prevent off-duty accidents.
  • Leader Engagement Kit. Includes 12 tools for leaders to successfully engage Soldiers. Each tool provides simple "how to" instructions, along with any necessary checklist, or video example.
  • Commander's Toolbox. An online package derived from best practices in the field and includes: checklists, briefing formats, sample standard operating procedures, training materials, and automated risk assessment worksheets, etc.
  • Accident Risk Assessment for Individuals. A self-awareness tool designed for increased individual awareness. Upon completing this assessment, individuals will know the factors that contribute to their accident risk level.
  • Leader's Accident Risk Assessment of Subordinates. A tool to help leaders identify individuals in their formations who are at risk for an accident. This tool is important because it will assist leaders in assessing high risk soldiers.
  • Family Engagement Kit. A tool kit designed to increase Family awareness of factors that may lead to off-duty accidents. The kit includes a tri-fold of accident data and safety information, several handouts, helpful internet links, and a slideshow with a full training support package.
  • Mobile Training Team. The USACRC is currently exploring the use of mobile training teams to get our products to users; however, manpower and resourcing remains an issue.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
The Army will continue to provide effective risk mitigation tools for all Soldiers. These online tools are continually updated to reflect regulatory changes and current risk mitigation strategies.

Why is this important to the Army?
Soldiers are our most valuable resource, ensuring their safety is one of a leader's highest priorities. Preservation of valuable equipment from loss or damage is also a benefit of successful risk management.

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