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Officer Education System (OES)

What is it?
The OES is the progressive and sequential education and training process for Army officers that begins in the pre-commissioning phase and continues in schools through the basic entry level, advanced level, intermediate command and staff level, and senior level. The OES is comprised of the following educational opportunities:

  • Basic Officer Leader Course : A three-phased program of pre-appointment/pre-commissioning and initial entry training which develops junior officers into leaders who are competent, confident, imbued with the Warrior Ethos, and who are grounded in field craft, proficient in branch skills, and capable of leading small units.
  • Warrant Officer Advanced Course: A course that provides leader, tactical, and technical training needed by warrant officers to serve in company and higher-level positions.
  • Captains Career Course: This course prepares company grade officers to successfully command at the company level and serve effectively in staff positions at the battalion and brigade level.
  • Warrant Officer Staff Course: A course that focuses on the staff officer and leadership skills needed to serve in the grade of Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) at battalion and higher levels.
  • Intermediate Level Education: This school replaced the Command and General Staff Officer Course and ensures majors are better prepared for full-spectrum operations in Joint, interagency, and multinational environments.
  • School of Advanced Military Studies: Educates officers at the graduate level in military art and science to develop commanders and general staff officers who can solve complex military problems in peace and war. The focus of this school is on planning and executing full-spectrum operations in Joint, multinational, and interagency contexts.
  • School for Command Preparation: Provides focused leader development opportunities for incoming brigade and battalion commanders and command sergeants major.
  • Warrant Officer Senior Staff Course: Designed to produce warrant officers with the broader Army perspective required for assignment to CW5 level positions as technical, functional and branch systems integrators and trainers at the highest organizational levels.
  • Senior Service College: Prepares selected senior Army officers and Civilians, and international leaders for the responsibilities of strategic leadership.

What has the Army done?
Dramatic changes have been implemented across the OES to meet the needs of the transforming Army and the realities of the operational environment. We have conducted comprehensive communication with the Armys Active and Reserve Components, and have been adapting the instruction and training scenarios that ensure officer education remains current and relevant.

What continued efforts does Army have planned for the future?
The Army continues to explore and adopt ways to adapt officer education to support an expeditionary Army capable of conducting full-spectrum operations. This includes an increased use of distributed learning and employment of innovative learning models as appropriate to achieve educational outcomes and address leader development capability gaps. The OES continues to develop adaptive and confident leaders who are proficient in their core functional competencies while also expanding those competencies to include cross-cultural communications and foreign languages. Students will also receive instruction on promoting economic development, good governance, and conflict resolution through negotiations. The OES will also increase its use of Live, Virtual, and Constructive (including gaming) training enablers to create training conditions that realistically portray the operational environment.

Why is this important to the Army?
The OES produces a broad-based corps of leaders who possess the values, attributes, and skills required to perform their duties effectively in service to the Nation. It perpetuates the Armys service culture and Warrior Ethos and produces leaders who can lead formations, make decisions, and resolve dilemmas under stress. The Army executes the OES under the principle that by investing heavily in professional development and providing personal growth opportunities to our officers, we will produce a corps of highly capable, adaptable, and confident leaders.

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