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Modular Force Conversion

What is it?
Army Modular Force Conversion, part of the Army's overall transformation effort, reorganizes the operational Army into modular theater armies, theater support structures, corps and division headquarters, Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs), and multi-functional and functional support brigades based on standardized organizational designs for both the Active and Reserve Components.

What has the Army done?
The Army is reorganizing from a division-based to a modular brigade-based force to achieve three primary goals:

  • To increase the number of available brigade combat teams to meet operational requirements.
  • To create brigade-size combat support (CS) and combat service support (CSS) formations of common organizational designs.
  • To redesign organizations to perform as integral parts of the Joint Force, making them more effective across the range of military operations and enhancing their ability to contribute to joint, interagency and multinational efforts.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
The Army is addressing several priorities as a result of this effort. They include addressing four priorities:

  • Growing the Army to meet strategic requirements
  • The wartime costs of equipment reset and unit readiness
  • The need to transform and modernize the force
  • Taking care of Soldiers and their Families

As amended by the FY10 Budget proposals, the Army will grow from 70 to 73 modular BCTs and approximately 227 support brigades and enabling organizations to meet the increased operational demand.

Why is this important to the Army?
The Army views transformation, and Modular Force Conversion, as the continuous evolution of capabilities over time from the current to Future Force. Army transformation produces the optimum mix of land capabilities for the Joint Force, prudently manages risk, and is both affordable and essential for the Nation to win the current fight while also preparing for an uncertain future.

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