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Lean Six Sigma (LSS): G-4 Initiative

What is it?
The LSS program helps focus Army G-4 (logistics) efforts in leading business innovations while delivering logistics readiness at best value to our Nation and the Army.

What is the Army doing?
The G-4 is committed to delivering logistics readiness at the best value to our customers. In 2006, the G-4 embarked on an aggressive campaign to train LSS principles and apply them to improving high-value logistics processes. In 2007 and 2008, the G-4 built on this training in our project execution, focusing on: equipment reset, retrograde and redistribution, requirements determination, financial accounting, in-transit visibility of equipment, and policy development. These targeted process improvements will significantly improve logistics readiness and ensure that limited resources are most effectively applied.

In addition to financial benefits, projects yield measurable operational improvements that deliver quality products and services to the customer. All LSS projects, including project summaries and details, can be found in Power Steering, the Army's LSS database of record, which can be accessed through the Army's Business Transformation website.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
Training Highlights:

  • Executive Awareness Training (all general officers/senior executive service)- 100 percent complete.
  • Awareness Training (all personnel)- 62 percent complete- 182 of 294.
  • Project Sponsor Training (all colonels/GS-15s)- 18 completed.
  • Three black belts and five green belts certified.

Project Execution Highlights:
The majority of the projects are directly tied to the Army G-4's statutory responsibility as the lead for equipment Reset in the Army Force Generation process. Already completed projects have improved the accuracy and timeliness of reporting Army equipment losses, improved the accuracy of the War Reserve Secondary Items requirements, reduced the time for major end item disposition instructions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and reduced the over ocean transportation costs for spares. In 2009, the G-4 will focus improvement efforts on logistics readiness and the retrograde process.

The remaining projects are focused on improving requirements determination and management of major program areas in the Sustain Program Evaluation Group, for which the Army G-4 is the lead. As the Army enterprise lead for sustainment, we are sponsoring quarterly forums to share best practices for logistics process improvement across the Army.

Why is this important to the Army?
Timely logistical support is critical in providing support for the Soldiers during this ongoing war on terror and Army transformation efforts. Our Soldiers' effectiveness depends upon a sustained but flexible national commitment to equip and support them properly.

POC: Ms. Deb Deville (703) 697-9512

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