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Installation Planning Board (IPB)

What is it?
The IPB serves as the platform for identifying and providing a common operating picture of installation capabilities and tenant unit requirements. Implementing a standard IPB approach across installations institutionalizes a mechanism for enhanced communication and decision making at the installation, as well as providing a template for prioritizing local requirements, gauging impact on readiness, and highlighting issues for elevation to Army senior leaders. The results are used to establish initiatives for the installation's strategic plan.

What has the Army done?
Installation Management Command (IMCOM) chartered the IPB to serve as the 'key forum to obtain local consensus on the installation master plan, vision, and priorities from the senior leadership level of all installation stakeholder/tenant organizations. The IMCOM provided further refinement to the purpose and structure of the IPB and the activities supporting it.

What continued efforts does the ARNG have planned for the future?
The Army will continue to conduct IPBs at garrisons on a semiannually basis. From these boards, senior commanders can create prioritized lists of services, facilities, or processes they want the collective team to work toward. This may be known as a 'Top 10 list' or integrated priority list. These lists are compiled and forwarded to regions and IMCOM for synthesis and coordination.

Why is this important to the Army?
Instituting IPBs at each garrison demonstrates integration of the wide range of garrison programs and provides the senior commander and tenant units with a common operating picture of installation resources and management. Providing information helps gain "buy-in" from our stakeholders. That results in better installation-level decision making and further enhances overall mission accomplishment. Roll-up of actions at the garrison IPBs through the regions and the headquarters of IMCOM will inform the operational and strategic levels about the enterprise performance architecture.

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