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Family Covenant

What is it?
The Army leadership unveiled the Army Family Covenant (AFC) in October 2007. The covenant further expresses the Army’s commitment to caring for Soldiers and Families by providing a strong supportive environment where they can thrive and that enhances their strength and resilience. The AFC supports Army Initiative- 2 (AI2), ‘Enhance Quality Support to Soldiers and Families to Preserve the Strength of the All-Volunteer Force.’ The Army Family Action Plan, the Soldier and Family Action Plan (SFAP), and the Army Medical Action Plan all bring focus to programs, services, and initiatives essential to preserving an All-Volunteer Force.

What has the Army done?
The AFC has institutionalized the Army’s promise to provide Soldiers and their Families with a quality of life that is commensurate with their service to the Nation. The commitments expressed in the AFC are being executed by integrating actions as coordinated through the SFAP. Significant progress has been made in the focus areas of family programs and services; health care; Soldier and Family housing; child, youth and school services; recreation and travel, Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers; and spouse education and employment opportunities.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
The AFC commitment is enduring, and the SFAP provides the forward operational capability to advance actions to improve and address gaps in existing Soldier and Family programs and services.

Why is this important to the Army?
The AFC continues a legacy of service, emphasis, and support to Soldiers and Families as highlighted in the Chief of Staff of the Army 1983 White Paper entitled, The Army Family. The AFC provides a continuum of Army dedication to sustaining and partnering with Soldiers and their Families to build an environment where they can prosper and realize their potential—all essential elements in sustaining an All-Volunteer Force.

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