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Enterprise Equipping and Reuse Conference (AEERC)

What is it?
The AEERC is the mechanism that semi-annually synchronizes modular designs and other processes involved in equipping the Army. Ensuring that Soldiers are properly equipped and trained for war is one of the Armys top priorities. This includes equipping Army forces deployed in support of contingency operations, building capabilities in the Army Reserve and Army National Guard in order to meet homeland defense and homeland security commitments, and finally modularizing and transforming units in order to effectively support an expeditionary Army which is not only capable of meeting todays challenges, but prepared for an era of persistent conflict.

What has the Army done?
The AEERCs are forums held semi-annually during which members of the equipping enterprise and force development communities (including Army commands, Army Service Component Commands, and both Reserve and Active Components) convene to discuss modular conversion plans, Army Force Generation prioritization, funding, production deliveries, reset rates, theater-provided equipment and other essential factors to synchronize and deliver needed equipment to units, and define mitigation strategies for addressing equipping shortfalls. The AEERC administrative information and conference results are available through the G-8 Army Knowledge Online website.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
As part of the goal to integrate equipping systems into one collaborative equipping process application, the Army Equipping Enterprise System (AE2S) was developed to provide Army equippers with an authoritative, analytical, and collaborative set of tools. The AE2S will seamlessly support the equipping process from requirements determination, resourcing, and programming to delivery of capabilities to the Army. The three major applications within AE2S are the Army Flow Model, Force Development Information Investment System, and EQUIPFOR (EQ4).

The EQ4 is an automation integration tool used to develop equipment distribution plans to support Army transformation, and the program objective memorandum is a major AEERC component. The EQ4 uses data from logistics integrated databases to give on-hand quantities to the unit identification code level of detail and uses the Structure and Composition System (SACS, specifically the logistics SACS [LOGSACS]) to identify the equipment requirements over time for the Army. The Dynamic Army Resourcing Priority List establishes G-3approved Army priorities in EQ4. All of this enables the staff synchronization officers to develop 24-month distribution plans and record them in EQ4.

Another of the key enablers resident in AE2S is the Strategic Equipping Common Operational Picture (SECOP). The SECOP provides commanders and staffs with a comprehensive view of Army equipping efforts. It combines authoritative information concerning requirements, inventory, distribution, and future years defense planning equipment procurements to project equipping postures for individual items and groups of items making up major capabilities. This tool is updated with the AEERC generated EQ4 distribution plans, allowing for an updated snapshot of the Armys equipping posture.

Additionally, the AEERC provides a forum to address concerns regarding:

  • Verifying and remaining aware of how and where Army equipment is being distributed.
  • Continuing to improve automation tools.
  • Assessing how well all available Army equipment is being used to fill equipment requirements based on Army priorities.
  • Assessing the quality of key data sources like the logistics integrated warehouse (for on-hand data) and LOGSACS for equipment requirements.
  • Leveraging expertise at the conference to investigate selected "special topics" in order to provide the Army's senior leaders with a range of equipping options.

Why is this important to the Army?
Knowing what equipment the Army hasand being able to determine its status and locationis critical to maintaining a properly equipped Army. The AEERCs provide a level playing field for all Army equippers and ensures that their commanders have what they need, when they need it, in order to adequately train for and perform their missions. The AEERCs provide a balanced approach to transformation, ensuring that our Soldiers and their commanders receive the best possible support and capabilities as soon as we can provide them, now, and in the future.

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