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Child and Youth School Support Services

What is it?
Army School Support Services provides a variety of programmatic strategies and resources to help “level the playing field” for military Families and school personnel who are impacted by the stresses of deployment and troop movements. The intent is to reduce the conflict between Soldiers’ parental responsibilities and their on-the-job mission requirements. As a result, there is a renewed focus at every level of the Army to support the schools serving the needs of Army children.

What has the Army done?
Since 1998, the infrastructure has been in place to support schools in order to minimize transition challenges. The collaborative efforts of school systems, national, state and local education agencies, public and private sector youth servicing organizations, community groups, and Army and Department of Defense (DoD) personnel are unprecedented and reflects a true and enduring partnership in support of military children.

Local school liaison officers are the subject matter experts for installation command and staff, parents, and educators to help ensure that Army children are not negatively impacted by frequent moves or their parents repeated deployments.

School transition specialists, located at the Installation Management Command Regions, work with school district personnel for both the Active and Reserve Components. Baseline services include: training institutes for school personnel, installation staff and parent advocates, tutoring and homework support, installation links with local education agencies, “home school” outreach, and post-secondary preparation opportunities.

An Army Secondary Education Transition Study Memorandum of Agreement is in place for participating school systems to adopt reciprocal practices that minimize academic and social disruptions for our Soldier’s children.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
In conjunction with the Army Family Covenant and the Army Community Covenant goals, the school support services will continue to support the tenants of the DoD interstate compact for military children and the DoD/Department of Education Memorandum of Understanding.  Additionally, school transition support in the most highly impacted deployment sites will continue to be addressed.

Why is this important to the Army?
A mobile and transforming Army has a responsibility to prepare Families for multiple transitions from one location to another during the course of a Soldier’s career. Providing this kind of support also allows our Soldiers to focus on their mission and be prepared for short-notice calls to duty around the world.

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