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Army National Guard (ARNG) Education Support Center (ESC)

What is it?
The ARNG ESC, located at the Professional Education Center (PEC) in Arkansas, is the focal point for education benefits for ARNG Soldiers, their Families, and Civilian employees of the ARNG. The ESC consists of five support teams: counseling, GI Bill, incentives and bonuses, testing and General Education Diploma (GED) Plus, and federal tuition support teams.

What has the ARNG done?
The ESC provides GI Bill eligibility analysis, educational counseling, degree planning, and various other educational services to Soldiers and the education offices in all 50 states and four territories. The ESC provides information about the Active Component, Reserve Components, mobilization GI Bills, the ARNG GI Bill 'Kicker', and the work study program. The ESC provides guidance to Soldiers on various educational assistance programs including federal tuition assistance, state funded programs, Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarships, the Student Loan Repayment Program, and the Healthcare Professional Student Loan Repayment Plan. The ESC provides information about testing programs for college-level credit such as College Level Examination Program, college entrance exams such as Scholastic Aptitude Test, Graduate Record Exam, and Graduate Management Aptitude Test, and certification and licensing exams. The ESC also oversees the Student Guide for Success, and other test preparation programs. They assist in administering the GED Plus testing to new recruits. The ESC also disseminates information and provides counseling for programs such as Troops to Teachers, Spouses to Teachers, Service Members Opportunity Colleges, Army e-Learning, and the Army Continuing Education Registry Transcript System. Active Guard and Reserve and mobilization-day Soldiers who attend classes at the PEC provide a link to the ARNG community. The ESC conducts numerous briefings to Soldiers relating to ARNG benefits and incentive programs.

What continued efforts does the ARNG have planned for the future?
The list of recently added benefits and services include:

  • Soldiers can use the Virtual Armory website to complete federal tuition assistance forms, request information, apply for degree planning services, and use DISCOVER services.
  • Army e-Learning provides free Internet access to more than 2,600 information technology, business skills, and interpersonal skills courses. This includes the Rosetta Stone foreign language program.
  • The ESC identifies, contacts, and tracks company-grade officers without degrees helping them to get on the path to degree completion once contact is made and their education information is entered into the tracking system.

Why is this important to the Army?
Education is the bedrock of a strong Nation and a strong military. The ESC is the future of ARNG education support and is an information clearinghouse on all matters related to military education support. The ESC ensures that ARNG benefits are explained thoroughly in order to “clear pathways to the Soldiers’ success” in meeting their educational goals.

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