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Army Strong

What is it?
Army Strong is the Army’s recruiting campaign, launched at the start of FY07, with the theme: There is strong… And then there’s Army Strong.

What has the Army done?
This recruiting campaign is designed to draw recruits to our All-Volunteer Army. It also provides information to parents, teachers, and other “influencers” who encourage young men and women to step forward and serve their country. Army Strong is a unique brand of strength. Everyone is familiar with the tangible power of the U.S. Army -- high-tech equipment and weaponry. This campaign highlights the true strength of our Army—the strength that lies within each and every Soldier. It is harder to see, but it is this strength that makes the U.S. Army the preeminent land power on earth.

Being Army Strong is much more than being physically fit. It is being mentally and emotionally strong. It is having the confidence to lead. It is having the courage to stand up for your beliefs and the compassion to help others. It is having the desire for lifelong learning and the intelligence to make the right decision. It is making a difference for yourself, your family, your community, and our Nation.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
Army Strong is the kind of strength that endures. It is the strength that comes from challenging training, teamwork, shared values, hardships, and personal experience. A Soldier’s time in the Army may come to an end, but he or she will always be Army Strong because the lessons learned and values gained are timeless. These lessons and values will serve as a springboard to life beyond the Army and will last a lifetime. The Army will continue to focus on influencers such as teachers, coaches, parents, and others who encourage our Nation’s young citizens to join and serve in America’s All-Volunteer Army.

Why is this important to the Army?
The Army is successful in its mission because of the strength of its Soldiers. The Army Strong campaign exists to highlight this simple fact and recruit our Nation’s citizens who want to join something greater than themselves. for more information visit:

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