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Army Modernization Strategy

What is it?
The 2008 Army Modernization Strategy (AMS) provides a summary of the ends, ways, and means through which the Army will equip itself and continue to modernize in support of that end. It also describes the current operational environment- “an era of persistent conflict”- describes the challenges the Army faces as it executes the current fight while preparing for the future; and details the four elements of Modernization.

What has the Army done?
The Army is concentrating on equipping and modernization on two mutually supporting ends, restoring balance and achieving full-spectrum dominance. The following are the four elements of Army Modernization:

  • Rapidly field the best equipment to the Current Force.
  • Upgrade and modernize existing systems within modular formations to ensure all Soldiers have the equipment they need.
  • Incorporate new technologies derived from Future Combat Systems (FCS) research and development as they become available.
  • Field FCS Brigade Combat Teams.

What continuing efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
The FY08 Army equipping base budget provided $15.5 Billion for rapid fielding of new equipment; $3.9 Billion for upgrading and modernizing existing systems; and more than $3.4 Billion. What follow the Army will seek to increase modernization funding in its base budget in the Program Objective Memorandum 10-15 to correct previous funding shortfalls and provide adequate funding support to critical programs.

Why is it important to the Army?
Given the challenges we face today, and are likely to face in the future, the Army cannot risk delaying execution of our modernization strategy over multiple decades, stretching out significant increments of modernization that makes them obsolete as we field them. We must aggressively pursue efforts now to restore balance and achieve full spectrum dominance, in order to guarantee our success in an era of persistent conflict.

You can view the entire 2008 Army Modernization Strategy at:

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