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Addendum G - Modernization

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With respect to the Future Combat System (FCS) program, the FY 10 Budget calls for us to:

  1. Accelerate fielding of spin-outs to all 73 Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs) starting in FY 11, completing in FY 25
  2. Halt the development and procurement of FCS manned ground vehicles
  3. Cancel the development and procurement of the Non-Line-of-Sight-Cannon (NLOS-C).

To execute this direction, we will halt the current FCS program after the System of Systems Preliminary Design Review this May. We will move from a modernization strategy focused on fielding 15 FCS BCTs and spin-outs of FCS systems, to a BCT modernization strategy focused on building a versatile mix of networked BCTs and enablers that can leverage mobility, protection, information, precision intelligence, and fires to conduct effective full spectrum operations across the spectrum of conflict.

This BCT modernization strategy will incorporate the valuable technological and network advances we have drawn from the FCS program, as well as the key technologies that are already in use in Iraq and Afghanistan (e.g., MRAP, biometric devices and intelligence systems), into our modular formations to enhance their full spectrum capabilities.

To fill our need to replace our Cold War era ground combat vehicles, we will develop a ground combat vehicle concept that incorporates the lessons of the past 7 years at war and the technological advances from the FCS program to build a vehicle capable of full spectrum operations. We plan to field this vehicle in 5-7 years.

We expect to be able to bring our concepts for BCT modernization and the ground combat vehicle forward after Labor Day.

We have learned much from the FCS program in the past decade and very much appreciate the commitment of our industry partners to provide our soldiers the best available equipment. We will work closely with OSD, Congress and our industry partners in the days ahead to capture what we have learned, to mitigate the impacts of these decisions, to maintain the momentum of the spin-outs, and to move forward expeditiously with the ground combat vehicle.


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