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Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Manpower Transformation

What is it? 
The purpose of Manpower Transformation is to provide standards of services to be performed by the garrisons and the resources required to perform these services to standard.

What has IMCOM done? 
We established a standard garrison organization and conducted a capabilities analysis as part of the “Year of Manpower” reviewing all roles and responsibilities to eliminate duplication of effort.  These initiatives will ensure no  installation management function is left uncovered and enhance our effectiveness to provide a first class quality of life for our Soldiers.  IMCOM is using U.S. Army Manpower Analysis Agency (USAMAA)-validated requirements models based on common levels of support as the standard to allocate manpower among all garrisons.  This ensures that each has the resources to execute the missions assigned by -- and at the level determined by -- senior leadership.  IMCOM is requesting additional authorizations to support the requirements validated in the USAMAA models.  Right sizing the workforce will enable all garrisons to deliver the same level of service to all its customers.

What efforts does IMCOM plan to continue in the future? 
We will continue to transform our organization to include refining the USAMAA- validated models and the common levels of support standards. IMCOM will continue to pursue new initiatives that improve Soldier and Family member standards of living such as the Soldiers’ Family Assistance Center.

Why is this important to IMCOM and the Army? 
This positions IMCOM to be better postured to support their overall mission to provide services for Soldier and Family readiness and a quality of life that matches the quality of service they provide to the Nation.  The transformation effort will reduce costs and standardize garrison services across IMCOM.  It will provide the same level of customer service at installations throughout the Army.