Information Papers

Barracks Modernization Program

What is it?  
The Army's barracks modernization program combines funding from Military Construction and Operations and Maintenance Army dollars to modernize all permanent-party Army unaccompanied-personnel–housing facilities for conformity with the current Department of Defense standard configuration module: two bedrooms, one bathroom, cooking area, and appliance and laundry facilities. This is a focused program with a cost of $15 billion for facilities, including facilities for such Army initiatives as Global Defense Posture Realignment, Army Modular Force, Base Realignment and Closure, and Grow the Force.

This program provides upgraded, modern living space in accordance with current industry standards for the Army's projected 147,700 Soldiers residing in barracks, thereby improving these Soldiers’ quality of life. This program includes barracks and brigade complex support facilities such as dining, parking, landscaping, recreation, and unit administrative areas.

What has the Army done?  
With funding through 2008, the Army will have funded 70 percent of barracks modernization. The remaining funds are programmed through 2013, with beneficial occupancy of the barracks by 2015.  Total costs expended through 2008 are $9.5 billion, with the additional $5.5 billion programmed through 2013.  Additionally, the Army has programmed $5.0 billion of the $6.0 billion training barracks program through 2013.  The Army Reserve barracks modernization program is focused on standardizing an Army Operational Readiness Training Complex.  This program entails construction of a total of 24 complexes at 13 Army garrisons.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?  
The Army program to complete barracks modernization is planned through 2013. Army training and Reserve barracks are receiving attention as we near completion of the permanent-party barracks modernization.  Modernization funding for Army training barracks, impacting 87,800 trainees annually, began in 2005, and 45 percent of the barracks are now programmed for modernization by 2013.

Why is this important to the Army?  
Providing a high-quality, safe, and healthy residence is a crucial commitment the Army has made to its Soldiers.  Single Soldiers deserve the same quality residence that has been provided to married Soldiers over the past few years.  Modern barracks have been shown to significantly increase Soldiers' morale; therefore, the provision of upgraded housing for single Soldiers is paramount to Army success with all assigned missions. The Army takes care of its own.