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Army Leader Development Program

What is it?
Army Leader Development Program is a key component of the Army Training and Leader Development Strategy, which is to develop leaders capable of applying core warfighting competencies across the spectrum of conflict. This occurs through military and civilian education, experience gained during assignments in operational or generating force units, and in self-development - the three training and leader development domains.

What has the Army done?
Army Initiative Five (AI5), Accelerate Leader Development, was a mission directed by the Chief of Staff, Army, to "accelerate change in leader development programs to grow leaders for the future strategic environment." AI5 entailed a comprehensive review of previous and ongoing leader development studies and initiatives and the future of leader development in our Army. AI5 was a focused look at how to accelerate leader development across all cohorts, components, and domains in order to meet the increased leadership demands for the long war. AI5 recommendations were integrated into the Army leader development program. CG TRADOC is responsible for the execution of our leader development program effort in accordance with HQDA guidance.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
We will build, in concert with our other Full Spectrum competencies, Stability Operations capabilities where Army leaders will be equally adept at integrating lethal and non-lethal approaches to accomplish the mission. We will achieve the Army leader development programs objectives as recommended by multiple studies – sustain a Civilian Corps with a clearly stated vision and systems and tools to develop as leaders; expand the role of the NCO Corps and maximize their utilization; and expand officer competencies to the Full Spectrum. Leader competencies will expand to include cross-cultural communications, language, and the ability to enable economic development, governance, and conflict resolution through negotiations. We will implement a broader range of educational opportunities to prepare Army leaders to assume senior level leadership in joint assignments, and be able to work more effectively with interagency and multinational partners.

Why is this important to the Army?
Our Army must evolve and implement officer, noncommissioned officer, and Civilian education systems that acknowledge the increasing leadership demands, and it must conduct leader development training in ways that support our expeditionary Army, develop an offensive mindset, and focus on winning our Nation’s wars. The initial focus for leader development is built on a base of junior leader competencies for their core functional skills. As leaders progress through the course of a career of service, focused developmental assignments, education and experiences, and training and self-development broaden their skill sets and produce a “bench” of capable senior leaders.