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Morale Welfare and Recreation

What is it? 
Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) programs are designed to improve Soldier readiness by promoting mental and physical fitness, building morale, and increasing self-reliance. MWR programs include the following:

These programs have direct links to readiness and retention, are vital to mission accomplishment, and are an integral part of the non-pay compensation system.

What has Army done? 
The MWR programs are ranked in the top ten for importance and use in the Leisure Needs Survey, the Sample Survey of Military Personnel, and the Survey of Army Families. Recreation programs provide critical support to Soldiers deployed in contingency operations. Civilian MWR employees work closely with deployed Soldiers and support physical fitness centers, recreation centers, cyber cafés and other morale-boosting activities in Iraq and Afghanistan. An In-Theater Recreation Survey on the importance of MWR activities identified the three top impacts: helping one relax, providing fun and entertainment, and improving morale.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
Recent initiatives to expand and improve MWR include the following:

Why is this important to the Army? 
Despite many constraints attributable to prosecution of the Global War on Terror, MWR programs continue to provide innovative, efficient, and effective customer-focused activities, enabling the Soldier to physically & mentally cope with the stress of prolonged military missions. MWR goes where the Soldier goes, offering morale-building recreational activities at home and down-range. Serving those who serve!
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