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Army Family Team Building Program

What is it?
The Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Program is one of the Commander’s primary readiness-training programs. This education provides the Army Family with the skills and tools to successfully maneuver through the Army system and access all the resources and services available to them. Soldiers, civilians, and significant others are able to attend training on a space available basis.

What has the Army done?
The Army provided AFTB Master Trainer and Program Managers courses, Senior Spouse Leadership Seminars at the Army War College and Sergeants Major Academy, and trained Family members of Active Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve Families. In FY 06, there were 123,786 Family member enrollments through local community classes; of these 18,551 were enlisted. In January 2007, the U.S. Army Human Resources Command approved promotion points for Soldiers who complete AFTB (Level I, II, III) on-line training and document their training on DA Form 87. 10,210 Soldiers are enrolled in AFTB on-line training. On-line training can be accessed anywhere 24 hours a day.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
The Army continues to update AFTB training materials to ensure materials accurately reflect today’s Army Families’ needs, to include the impact of the Expeditionary Forces’ mission on Families. As result, AFTB has expanded its role by using its competencies to standardize the Army Community Service (ACS) Core classes. AFTB Core volunteers will provide ACS staff and volunteers an opportunity to receive standardized professional development in instructional skills, facilitation, and briefing presentation. AFTB will conduct outcome measures pilot and implement outcomes measures in FY08; and implement marketing campaign to increase the enlisted student and volunteer participation of under represented groups.

Why is this important to the Army?
Families are important to the Army, a priority to all Soldiers, and a vital factor in the overall readiness of Soldiers. A prepared Family is better able to manage deployment, long-term separations, and Army life in general, allowing the Soldier to stay focused on the mission. Families who know how to utilize Army services and programs are more confident and better able to manage the stresses of deployment and separation. Soldiers who are confident their Families are taken care of are more focused on the mission at hand and they will remain in the Army.

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