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Army Community Covenant

What is it?
The Army Community Covenant is a formal commitment of support by states and local communities to Soldiers and their Families - active, Guard and Reserve. The Army Community Covenant is designed to develop and foster effective state and community partnerships with the Army working to improve Soldier and Family quality of life, while at their current duty stations and as they transfer from state to state.

Army Community Covenant supporting those who serve

Together, we are committed to building strong communities.

We, the Community, recognize...
...The commitment Soldiers and Families are making every day.
...The strength of Soldiers comes from the strength of their Families.
...The strength of Families is supported by the strength of the Community.
...The strength of the Community comes from the support of Employers, Educators, Civic and Business Leaders and its Citizens.

We, the Community, are committed to...
...Building partnerships that support the strength, resilience and readiness of Soldiers and their Families.
...Assisting in the implementation of the Army Family Covenant.

What has the Army done?
In October 2007, the secretary of the Army initiated the Army Family Covenant. The Family Covenant symbolizes the Army's commitment to
Soldiers and their Families, a national treasure. The commitment is a formal recognition of their sacrifices, and the fact that they are
shouldering the burden of war for our nation. The senior leaders substantively backed up their commitment through funding a number of
quality of life programs. The Army continues to find ways to improve the quality of life of our Soldiers and their Families, thus improving

The Army has now launched the Community Covenant to reach out to local communities all across America. Response by communities has been tremendous. The first official signing of the Community Covenant took place at Fort Benning, Ga., on April 17, 2008. Many more are planned in the upcoming months.

Why is this important to the Army?
It is vitally important that local communities across America are aware of and recognize the sacrifices of Soldiers and their Families. Soldiers draw strength from their Families; and the Army and the nation rely on the strength of its Soldiers. The communities in which Soldiers and their Families live provide tremendous support and encouragement. Support from communities through local and national programs helps keep our Army strong.

For more information and a schedule on upcoming events, go to the Army Community Covenant Web site: