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Army Career Tracker

What is it?
The Army Career Tracker (ACT) is a Web-based career management tool that will integrate training, assignment history, and formal/informal education paths. The ACT will enable Soldiers and Civilians to holistically manage their careers and allow leaders to mentor, counsel, and plan for the development of their subordinates. It will consolidate training, education, and assignment data relevant to position and career level. Functionalities will include the ability to receive career-related information and recommendations from superiors and to execute development-related activities from a single launch point. The portal will also provide efficient mechanisms for registering for courses, requesting assignments, and tracking completion of requirements to support their career advancement.

What has the Army Done?
Development of the ACT started in October 2007, and a pilot program is anticipated for release in spring 2008. The ACT portal is being created to support the Army initiative to grow leaders for tomorrow’s strategic environment.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
The end state of the ACT effort will provide valuable career information, in a fast, efficient, and secure manner, over a range of levels throughout the Army. The ACT will enhance the Army’s ability to build its personnel bench in preparing for its current and future operational needs. Additional functionalities will also provide Commanders and assignment officers with integrated information on education, training, and prior assignments to support the optimal deployment of personnel and the identification of training and assignment needs to support mission readiness.

Why is this important to the Army?
The ACT portal will initially provide enlisted Soldiers—officers and Civilians will be added in the near future—a current view of their integrated career transcripts. To provide this transcript, the ACT portal will link with many other Army systems that house information on assignments, training, and education. The ACT will also support the current initiative to provide, in collaboration with partners in higher education, a crosswalk from Army training to higher-education credits.