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360-Degree Logistics Readiness

What is it?
Three-hundred and sixty–degree logistics readiness is the capability to see, assess, and synchronize the Army’s corporate enterprise assets in support of operating forces with the intent to synchronize materiel readiness to generate and sustain combat power. Three-hundred and sixty–degree logistics readiness is embedded within the Army Campaign Plan (ACP) logistics objectives. Three-hundred and sixty–degree logistics readiness focuses holistically on every effort needed to operate in today’s strategic context. The ACP requires a common operating picture of all logistics needed to support operational requirements. This holistic view will enable Army leaders to more effectively influence Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) process and budget decisions.

Three-hundred and sixty–degree logistics readiness will provide answers to three questions frequently addressed to senior Army leaders:

What has the Army done?
The Army has created a 360-degree logistics readiness Action Officer Work Group (AOWG), which is overseen by the ACP General Officer Steering Committee (GOSC). The AOWG has identified initial indicators, metrics, measures, and gaps/seams required to achieve the objectives. The ACP Senior Leaders Review Group (SLRG) is recommending approval of the 360-degree logistics readiness objectives to the ACP GOSC. The Army’s approach is to define and develop a 360-degree logistics readiness concept and improve existing capabilities to provide visibility of Army level readiness indicators so that senior Army leaders can make better informed decisions.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
The ACP GOSC will review the SLRG recommendation to approve the 360-degree logistics readiness objectives. The AOWG will continue to develop metrics, map database structure, identify gaps/seams, and develop mitigation strategy. AOWG recommendations will be routed through the ACP decision-making structures to obtain final approval and to ensure proper alignment to other ACP objectives.

Why is this important to the Army?
Three-hundred and sixty–degree logistics readiness will provide senior Army leaders with the ability to assess the current health of Army logistics support and assist in future projections. Although the Army currently has a capability to assess the health of logistics support, it is time-consuming and personnel-intensive. The 360-degree logistics readiness approach not only will provide a more holistic view of support, but also will improve and expand the quality of logistics information that supports current operations, modular force development, and equipping the Army.

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