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Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site

What is it?
The mission of the Western Army National Guard (ARNG) Aviation Training Site (WAATS) is to conduct aviation training as directed by the National Guard Bureau, the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), and JFHQ-AZ in support of Army aviation readiness. All formal courses taught at the WAATS are TRADOC approved. The U.S. Army Aviation Center at Fort Rucker, Alabama, provides certification, quality control, and standardization for the WAATS courses.

What has the ARNG done?
The WAATS was originally designed to train National Guard Soldiers in skills unique to the ARNG. Although a Field Operating Agency of the National Guard Bureau, WAATS is operated by the Arizona Army National Guard. WAATS trains students from all components of the Army, as well as from several foreign countries.

What continued efforts does the ARNG have planned for the future?
The ARNG plans to continue offering the following courses through WAATS: Apache Attack Helicopter, A Version (AH-64A) Aviator Qualification Course; AH-64A Instructor Pilot Qualification Course; AH-64A Maintenance Test Pilot Qualification; AH-64A Aviator Qualification (Trans) Supplemental; Aviation Operations Specialist; Aviation Operations Specialist, Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC); Aviation Operations Specialist, Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course (ANCOC); Common Aircraft Maintenance (CAM), BNCOC; CMF 15 Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor, ANCOC; AH-64A Repairer (Transition); and AH-64A Repairer Supervisor, BNCOC. The future of the ARNG and the WAATS is the AH-64D Aviator Qualification (Supplemental), AH-64D Aviator Qualification, and TUAS New Equipment Training.

Why is this important to the Army?
The WAATS provides the ARNG and the Army with the flexibility to train attack helicopter units to meet mobilization requirements. With realistic training opportunities in the desert and the mountains, as well as gunnery operations, the WAATS is a premier attack helicopter training site.

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