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The Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback Program

What is it?
In the Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF) Program,
360-degree assessments provide input about a leader from multiple sources, and the different perspectives become the basis for feedback. Numerical assessments and comments are collected from the targeted leader (self), superiors, peers, and subordinates. Numerical assessments are combined for each perspective, and a feedback report is generated to compare results across the different sources. Results are provided only to the targeted leader, so they remain confidential and anonymous. Coaches are often used to facilitate interpretation of the feedback. After internalizing the results, the leader develops a plan to act on the feedback.

The MSAF Program is the culmination of several study recommendations and a proof-of-principle pilot: Army Training and Leader Development studies (2000-2002); Chief of Staff, Army’s Leader Development and Education Task Force (2003); and the Army Leader Assessment and Feedback Program pilot (2004-2006) with revalidation by the Review of Education, Training, Assignment and Leadership study (2006). The Center for Army Leadership has the responsibility for execution.

What has the Army done?
A working session in July 2007 developed a phased plan to integrate the Benchworks’ Leader Development Portfolio into the MSAF Program, per direction of the Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
The Army approved the draft implementation plan on Oct. 30, 2007, outlining a phased Army-wide implementation in FY08. Units, organizations, and individuals throughout the Army will receive instructions on participation in the program in the coming months.

Why is this important to the Army?
Leadership is a key component of any effective organization. Developing leaders for the myriad of challenges that will face Soldiers in an era of consistent conflict is an important investment in our Army’s future.