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Information Assurance and Network Security

What is it? 
The Information Assurance (IA) program provides policy, mandates, and procedures targeted to protect information and information systems from unauthorized access, modification, or denial of service; and ensures the provisioning of access and service to authorized users. IA protects and defends information and ISs by ensuring availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation throughout the entire life-cycle. IA includes measures to detect, document, respond, and counter threats targeting the spectrum of military operations. This cyberspace environment is characterized by rapidly emerging technology that is subject to an increasingly sophisticated and organized cyber-attack encompassing opportunistic or criminal intruders through nation state, trans-national terrorist organizations capable of entering networks from worldwide locations. Combined with the tenants of Network Security, the protection of networks and their services from unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure; IA provides assurances that the network performs its critical functions correctly. IA defends the Army's LandWarNet by employing a robust defense-in-depth strategy that integrates people, technology, and operations. IA is implemented through a competent and trained workforce that employs multiple protective measures layered from the network perimeter to the desktop.

What has the Army done? 
Army's IA approach concentrates on protecting information, defending systems and networks, providing IA situational awareness, fostering innovation, and creating an empowered workforce. In Fiscal Year 2008 the Army highlights below focus on efforts to lead DoD on several strategic fronts:

Why is this important to the Army?  Information Assurance protects the capability of the LandWarNet to provide reliable communications for a global force and dramatically improves the decision-making concept of operations so that the Army has increased combat power, speed of command, greater lethality, and increased survivability of forces.