Military Construction Transformation

What is it?  Military Construction (MILCON) Transformation was developed to provide quality facilities for the Soldier less expensively and in less time over our legacy processes.  Key to this program is standardization of processes and facilities as well as the adoption of private sector best practices.

MILCON Transformation is a major change in the way the Army plans, programs, designs and builds military facilities.  The Army, initially is moving away from overly prescriptive requirements to performance based  criteria, as it moves from a design-build acquisition in its’ initial state to one which is site adaptive in its’ final form.  Under MILCON Transformation:

What has the Army done?  In the development of MILCON Transformation, the Army engaged the construction industry in a dialogue on the plan through a series of Industry Forums and other meetings.  The Secretariat and the Vice Chief of Staff directed that MILCON Transformation be implemented with the realization that it provides the most viable means of getting the Soldier the facilities that he/she requires in this environment of limited resources.  In Fiscal Year 2006 USACE implemented MILCON Transformation on a limited basis with promising results although preliminary.  In FY 2007, MILCON Transformation principals are required to be applied on all Army construction.  Implementation includes the restructuring of the centers of standardization as design center, standardization in construction solicitation packages and use on Building Information Models (BIM).

What continuing efforts are planned?  The Army will be acquiring the majority of its standard facilities through single-award task-order contracts (SATOC) on a regional basis by facility type instead of awarding one facility at a time.  Contractors with satisfactory performance in the areas of time, cost, and quality would have work for up to three years without further re-competition for local contracts.  Lessons Learned will be continually captured in order to eliminate repetitive errors and to more efficiently construct the new facilities.

Why is this important to the Army?  MILCON Transformation will ensure the Army has the facilities and infrastructure necessary to provide the combatant commanders with the capabilities to achieve National Defense Strategy strategic objectives.