Army Career Intern/Fellows Program

What is it?   The Army Career Intern/Fellows Program serves as the bench for the officer component of the civilian workforce.  Like second lieutenants, Army's interns/fellows form an elite pool of trainees who represent the feeder group for future senior level professional, managerial, and executive civilian positions.  These employees are provided progressive and sequential formal classroom and on-the-job developmental assignments that prepare them for placement in one or more of Army's 23 civilian professional programs.   The end result of these highly structured programs are Army Civilian Corps members with the requisite skills, abilities and leadership competencies required to immediately fill critical voids in the Civilian Corps upon graduation.  All interns/fellows sign a mobility agreement and their final placements are based on the priority needs of the Army. 

What has the Army Done?  Army has extensively analyzed workforce trends and has clearly defined replenishment requirements, the Army adjusted the program to increase work year which resulted in an execution from 846 in Fiscal Year (FY) 2003 to an average of 1430 in FY 2004 through 2006.    

What continued efforts does Army have for the future?   Forecasts have identified the need to replace approximately 4,000 skilled professional employees on an annual basis.  The Intern/Fellows Program is by far the best vehicle we have for replacing these losses.  It produces employees who are ready to step in and support our warfighters as they defend our national security interests. Army is now focused on gradually increasing the program to bring it closer to required levels.  This approach will allow us to stabilize the program while slowly increasing the number of interns and fellows we place into key positions each year.  Army remains strongly committed to the Intern/Fellows Program.  It supports the Global War on Terror and produces civilian pentatheletes while serving as a building block for transformation.     

Why is this important to the Army?  The Army Civilian Corps is a critical part of the institution.  Its members ensure that we have the best equipped, trained and ready warfighters in the world.  Civilians are deploying alongside our warfighters in greater numbers every year and will continue to do so in the future.  In addition to accompanying our warfighters to the field Army civilians support them and their families in all aspects of their life.  They gather intelligence; design, purchase, maintain and transport weapons and supplies; and provide housing, jobs, and recreational activities for soldiers and their families worldwide.  Interns and Fellows provide the contemporary skills and practical experience needed to infuse the Civilian Corps with the agility required to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.  They are a key to assuring that the mission and our warfighters receive the highest level of support possible.