Army Equipping and Reuse Conference

What is it?  The Army Equipping and Reuse Conference (AERC) is the mechanism that synchronizes the modular design and the other details involved in equipping the Total Army.  Ensuring Soldiers are properly equipped and trained for the warfight is the Army’s number-one priority.  This includes equipping U.S. Northern Command, whose mission is to perform Homeland Security and Homeland Defense using the Army National Guard as the first military responder.

What is the Army doing?  AERCs are forums by which equippers and force developers from throughout the Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, and both Reserve and Active components convene to discuss modular conversion plans, Army Force Generation prioritization, funding, production deliveries, reset rates, theater-provided equipment, and other essential factors to synchronize and deliver needed equipment to units and define mitigation strategies for addressing equipping shortfalls.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?  A major AERC player is EQUIPFOR (EQ4) —an automated tool that develops equipment distribution plans to support Army Transformation and the POM.  EQ4 uses data from Logistics Integrated Databases to give on-hand quantities to UIC level of detail.  The Army Flow Model provides data to EQ4 to determine shortages throughout the Army. EQ4 then uses the Dynamic Army Resourcing Priority List (DARPL)—an automated ARPL—to distribute equipment in accordance with G-3 priorities.

Additionally, the AERC will provide a forum and identify concerns regarding:

Why is this important to the Army?  Knowing what the Army has regarding equipment, and being able to determine their status and location, is to maintain a properly equipped Army.  AERCs offer a level playing field to provide a “home-field advantage” for Army equippers to ensure their commanders have what they need—at the right time—to adequately train for and perform their missions. AERCs provide a balanced approach to transformation that ensures our Soldiers and their commanders receive the best possible support and capabilities as soon as we can provide them, now, and in the future.

The Army G-8’s Directorate of Integration serves as the AERC proponent. The G-8 homepage provides ongoing updates on AERCs. Click here.