Addendum J (Army Well Being Programs)

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The Army provides a broad spectrum of programs and services to support the well-being of Soldiers, Civilians, and Army Families, and to encourage their continued willingness to serve.  The Army uses an integrated approach in managing the vast variety of programs, activities, and initiatives that are focused on achieving the Army objective to sustain the All-Volunteer force.

Army leadership continually reviews feedback from Soldiers, Civilians, Army Families, and leaders.  At the same time, leadership works hard to identify the emerging needs of the Army’s people and researches ways to meet and satisfy those new needs.   Ideas and issues arise from many sources, three of which are listed below:

Well-being activities, initiatives, and programs have a tremendous impact for the Army when they help reduce the stress of sustained wartime operations and mitigate the difficulties associated with assignments in remote locations.  Prime examples of strong outreach services and activities include:

For more information on programs that support the well-being of our Soldier, their families, and our Army Civilians please go to:


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