Addendum D: Naming Convention for Headquarters and Forces


For some time, the Army used the terms Unit of Employment (UEy or UEx), Unit of Action (UA), and Support Unit of Action (SUA) to describe constituent elements of its modular redesign. These terms were intended for conceptualization only, not long-term use. Once the new modular unit designs were substantially complete, it was time to replace these conceptual terms with names that Soldiers will use. Naming conventions should reinforce the Modular Initiative while preserving as many hallowed lineages as possible and minimizing turbulence.

The Army has decided how the units of the modular force will be designated, and how their lineages and honors will be perpetuated. A "Blue Ribbon Panel" composed of distinguished military leaders reviewed several courses of action for naming conventions and recommended one. This recommendation was adapted as follows:

The designation decisions reached in 2005 will be applied to units of the Army Modular Force as they are activated or converted in accordance with the modular force conversion schedule.

These headquarters and units are essential to the Army Modular Force Conversion because it allows the Army to operate with fewer levels of headquarters during deployments and still accomplish the mission. The unit naming conventions enable the Army to maintain its long standing heritage with virtually all of the current active regiments and divisions and pass the associated proud traditions along to today’s Soldiers while transforming to the expeditionary Army of the future.