Army Reserve: Regional Personnel Service Centers (RPSC)

What is it? The Regional Personnel Service Center (RPSC) will serve as an Army Reserve military personnel office and will provide life-cycle personnel services (i.e., evaluations, promotions, awards, assignments, other routine administrative actions) to Army Reserve Soldiers located within an established geographic region. The Army Reserve plans to establish four RPSCs.  They will be part of the Regional Readiness Sustainment Commands which are based on the original four installation management agency (IMA) regions.

What has the Army Reserve done? The United States Army Reserve (USAR) is currently undergoing restructuring. As part of the restructuring, the RPSCs are being created to provide modernized life-cycle management services throughout a Soldier’s career. The RPSC will actively manage Soldiers’ careers to include intra-unit transfers when a Soldier relocates for their civilian career.

What efforts does the Army Reserve plan to continue in the future? All life-cycle management processes and business rules are geared to fulfilling the USAR Soldiers’ needs while serving their country. The RPSC will serve the Army Reserve Soldier in the same way as the military personnel office (MILPO) services the active duty Soldier and will be able to provide a standardized service no matter where the Army Reserve Soldier resides or travels. The ultimate goal of the RPSC is to provide life-cycle management to all Army Reserve Soldiers.

Why is this important to the Army Reserve? RPSCs will provide standardized life-cycle management no matter where a USAR Soldier resides or travels. The RPSC is a Commander's readiness tool that directly involves him or her in the assignment process of Soldiers. It will be the “One-Stop” for personnel management of Army Reserve Soldiers rather than separate personnel management by commands.