Army Reserve: Full-Time Support Revalidation

What is it? The Army Reserve is currently reviewing all Army Reserve Component full-time support personnel in order to determine the minimum essential requirements of our Active-Guard Reserve Soldiers, military technicians, and Department of the Army Civilians. These full-time employees ensure unit readiness prior to the mobilization of Army Reserve soldiers. This effort will ensure maximum efficiency in determining the requirements of our skill-rich soldiers and civilian personnel.

What has the Army done? The United States Army Reserve (USAR) in concert with the National Guard and the Active Army has conducted a comprehensive review of full-time support in the past and this is a continuation of this ongoing process.

What efforts does the Army Reserve plan to continue in the future? The Army Reserve constantly evaluates the requirements for our full-time support personnel based on our war fighting requirements and support to the Army as a whole. After results are analyzed the USAR adjusts personnel authorizations to meet new requirements. These valued assets ensure the USAR can mobilize properly and the revalidation process ensures the right expertise is available at the right location.

Why is this important to the Army? Full-time support revalidation for the Army Reserve ensures the minimum essential requirements of our full-time support personnel are identified. This is particularly important given that the Army Reserve is only funded for approximately 73 percent of requirements by 2010. The revalidation effort is critical for the Army Reserve during the restructuring of our forces and a reengineering of our mobilization process. This distribution of our full-time support force will allow for support of the Army's model for readiness and deployment of soldiers.