Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills

The following is a list of the current Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills:

  1. Qualify with assigned weapon
  2. Correct malfunctions with assigned weapon
  3. Engage targets with M-240B machine gun
  4. Engage targets with M-249 machine gun
  5. Engage targets with M-2 .50-caliber machine gun
  6. Engage targets with MK-19 machine gun
  7. Correct malfunctions with M-2
  8. Correct malfunctions with M-240B
  9. Correct malfunctions with M-249
  10. Correct malfunctions with MK-19
  11. Engage targets with weapon using night-vision sight AN/PVS-4
  12. Engage targets with weapon using night-vision sight AN/PAS-13
  13. Engage targets with weapon using night-vision sight AN/TVS-5
  14. Engage targets using aiming light AN/PEQ-2A
  15. Engage targets using aiming light AN/PAQ-4
  16. Employ mines (manned) and hand grenades
  1. Perform voice communications: situation report/spot report
  2. Perform voice communications: call for fire
  3. Perform voice communications: medevac
  4. Use visual-signaling techniques
  1. Perform movements techniques during an urban operation
  2. Engage targets during an urban operation
  3. Enter a building during an urban operation
  1. Determine location on ground (terrain association, map and Global Positioning System)
  2. Navigate from one point to another (dismounted)
  3. Move over, through or around obstacles (except minefields)
  4. Prepare a vehicle in a convoy
  1. Move under direct fire
  2. React to indirect fire (dismounted and mounted)
  3. React to direct fire (dismounted and mounted)
  4. React to unexploded ordnance hazard
  5. React to man-to-man contact (combatives)
  6. React to chemical or biological attack/hazard
  7. Decontaminate yourself and individual equipment using chemical decontaminating kits
  8. Maintain equipment
  9. Evaluate a casualty
  10. Perform first aid for open wound (abdominal, chest and head)
  11. Perform first aid for bleeding of extremity
  12. Select temporary fighting position
  1. React to contact: visual, improvised explosive device, direct fire (includes rocket-propelled grenade)
  2. React to ambush (blocked)
  3. React to ambush (unblocked)
  4. React to indirect fire
  5. React to chemical attack
  6. Break contact
  7. Dismount a vehicle
  8. Evacuate injured personnel from vehicle
  9. Secure at a halt