Review of Education, Training and Assignment for Leaders

What is it? The Review of Education, Training and Assignments for Leaders (RETAL) is a Secretary of the Army (SA) and Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) initiative to determine how the Army should develop military and civilian leaders, who will serve in both operational and institutional capacities, and develop within them the attributes and skills needed to operate and win in the contemporary operating environment. To accomplish this, the Director of the Army Staff established the RETAL Task Force and directed it to examine the policies and programs that govern the education, training, and assignments of Army leaders.

What has the Army done? The current combined result of training, education and experience has developed leaders of character who have proven to be innovative and adaptive in today's operating environment. Modern warfare will continue to present increasingly more demanding challenges beyond those traditionally thought to be of a military nature. Everyone – Soldiers and civilians – is capable of exercising leadership provided they are competent to perform in their assigned roles and their organization has properly instituted leadership practices.

The Task Force is on a path to recommend issues for continuity and change so that the Army can best train, develop, and assign military and civilian leaders able to accomplish the missions required among the complexities and challenges of the 21st century national security environment. It will:

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future? The Army will synchronize the approved recommendations from the review into the current Army Training and Leader Development Implementation plan.

Why is this important to the Army? Implementing these recommendations will allow the Army to achieve our goal of “building” leaders – military and civilian - who have mastered their military or core career field tasks and have developed skills in the broader, more complex, politico–military arena required in the complex 21st century security environment.