Deployment Cycle Support Program

What is it? Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) is a comprehensive process focused on preparing Soldiers, Department of the Army (DA) Civilians and Army families for the successful return and reunion of deployed members into their pre-deployment environment. The objective of DCS is to help reduce or eliminate the stressors that contribute to domestic violence, post traumatic stress, and other behavioral stressors caused by a deployment. For deployed Soldiers and DA civilians, the current DCS process begins in theater (Phase I) and continues at demobilization sites and home stations (Phases II and III). For family members, training is conducted at home stations. Family members will receive information on family reunion and health care, individual assessments by the unit leadership and the opportunity to participate in follow-up assistance, as appropriate.

What has the Army Done? The Army has completed several initiatives to assist Soldiers and their families. They include:

As of December 7, 2005, 347,800 Soldiers have completed DCS Phase I in theater prior to redeployment.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future? The Army continues to monitor DCS execution. At the direction of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Army for Personnel, a team of subject matter experts was formed to conduct a series of installation visits to gather lessons learned. These lessons learned have been incorporated into the DCS process and will be released in a new directive in early 2006. A major component of the directive is the implementation of an automated DCS tracking and reporting process for Army-wide use in the Deployment and Reconstitution Tracking System. In the future the Army will incorporate the DCS process into all phases of the Deployment Cycle.

Why is this important to the Army? The DCS process directly affects the Army's recruiting, retention, and readiness efforts. The Army is committed to the well-being of its Soldiers, civilians, and their families. Soldiers and DA Civilians have responded in an exemplary manner to the "call to duty." DCS is a process that enables Soldiers to successfully reintegrate into their pre-deployment environment.


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