Army Seal

February 10, 2006

We have the confidence of the Nation as we continue to engage in a long struggle against global
terrorism and the conditions that give it life and sustain it. Over a half-million active and reserve
Soldiers have served overseas in the war on terrorism. More than 600,000 Soldiers are on active duty today. Almost half of them are deployed, serving in 120 countries worldwide in defense of U.S. interests.

While fighting, we are preparing Soldiers and leaders for the challenges that they will face. We continue to transform, to modernize, and to realign our global force posture. Our Army continues to evolve from a force dependent on divisions to deter and to wage war against traditional adversaries, to a force dependent on modular brigades, specially designed for the full range of non-traditional adversaries and challenges it will face.

With the support of the President, the Congress, and the Secretary of Defense, we have developed and resourced a fully integrated plan to best serve the Nation, to deal with the challenges we will face today and tomorrow, and to sustain our volunteer Soldiers in this time of war.

To execute this plan, we are depending upon continued Congressional leadership in three areas:

To continue to meet the needs of the Combatant Commanders and the Nation, the Army will
require the full support of the resources requested in the base budget and in supplemental

Peter J. Schoomaker, General, United States Army, Chief of Staff         Francis J. Harvey, Secretary of the Army