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Addendum I: Helpful Army Websites

The following websites provide greater information on various topics:


The Army Website: This site is the most visited military website in the world, averaging about 7 million visitors per month or 250 hits per second. It provides news, features, imagery, and references.


The Army National Guard: Provides information about the Army National Guard.


The United States Army Reserve: Provides information about the Army Reserve.


Army Families Online. This site provides information and links to other support programs that support our Soldiers and their families.


Wounded Warrior Program. This site provides information on the Army’s Wounded Warrior Program which provides support for severely wounded Soldiers and their families. It can be found through the Army Families Online website at


Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, G-1: For information on personnel issues.


Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, G-4: For information on Army logistics.


Chief Information Officer, G-6: For information on Army Information Management.


Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs, G-8: For information on materiel integration.


Future Combat Systems: For information on the Future Combat Systems program.


Army Logistics Transformation Agency: For information on Army logistics transformation.


Army Medicine: For information on Army medical programs.


Army Posture Statement: For the web-based version of this year's Army Posture Statement and previous years versions.


Army Modernization Plan: Provides a detailed overview of the Army’s organizational and materiel modernization efforts.


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