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The 2006 Army Posture Statement describes how the Army is executing The Army Plan to meet the challenges of today and to be better prepared for those we will face tomorrow. Focusing on the Soldier, our centerpiece, the Posture Statement summarizes key implications of the 21st century security environment. This discussion provides the context to examine the Army Vision to accomplish our enduring, constitutionally-derived mission.

The Army Plan consists of four overarching, interrelated strategies, focusing on people, forces, training and infrastructure. We explain our initiatives, accomplishments, and compelling needs as they relate to each of these strategies. We describe transformation, not as an end in itself; but rather, how it has helped us to accomplish our mission and to realize our vision.

We conclude with a discussion of risk to underscore our compelling needs.

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This Posture Statement is designed to serve as a primary portal to learn about the Army. A listing of helpful Army-related websites and a glossary of acronyms are also provided.

This document provides a series of addenda and hyperlinked boxes addressing key items of interest to enhance readability and to make additional information available to support diverse user interests. These items of interest are indicated in blue type throughout the document.