Remaining Relevant and Ready in Service to the Nation

Our commitment to the Nation is certain and unwavering. The Army has defended the Nation for 230 years. We continue to remain vigilant in this fundamental task by providing the Nation unique capabilities to complement those provided by the other Services.

The Army remains a values-based organization committed to the ideals of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. These ideals are embodied in the Soldier’s Creed and the Warrior Ethos and are ingrained into the fiber of every American Soldier. We remain dedicated to preparing every Soldier to face the realities of combat and positioning the Army to face the challenges of the future.

Even as we fight the Global War on Terror and sustain our other strategic commitments, we must continue to focus on tomorrow. We are challenging our institutional practices and our assessment of current and future warfighting capabilities by asking key questions and continuing to validate our answers to them:

A Soldier conducts a patrol as the sun sets near Logistical Supply Area Anaconda in Iraq. The area is being cleared in preparation for an air strike. The Soldier is assigned to the 1st Infantry Division. The division is deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

We continue in our determination to achieve our overarching strategic goal: to remain relevant and ready by providing the Combatant Commanders with the capabilities required to dominate across the range of military operations.

With the support of the Department of Defense and Congress, we are sustaining our global commitments while making tremendous progress in our transformation — the most dramatic restructuring of the Army in more than 50 years. We will need your continued support in order to provide relevant and ready forces and other capabilities to the Combatant Commanders, while providing for the well-being of our All-Volunteer Soldiers and their families who are serving the Nation in this time of war.